From the recordings 10/5x5 and This is How God Sees

'This is How God Sees' was written and performed by Carmen Hakso to celebrate Easter in 2019  Special thanks to pianist Kandice Glover Wartes , violinist Aaron Wartes, cellist Breanna Menzies, drummer David Montoya, and choir singers Arianna Daniels, Gemma Bywater, Kandice Wartes, Zachary Hakso, Alex Wartes, and Michael Stewart.  It was recorded at Restoration Road Church in Snohomish, WA.  The copyright for 'This is How God Sees' is held by Carmen Hakso and used with her permission here.   All rights are reserved.  


Marred beyond human likeness. Many were appalled at him. Pierced for our transgressions, crushed for our sin. This is how God sees our sin. Warping what once was his reflection. Rending the love of him.

Death, perfect obedience were the ransom he paid. Purifying the evil smear, moulding my heart to a mirror. This is how God sees his Son. Cleansing what once was his reflection. Mending the love of him.

Faith in perfect righteousness. Finished by my sweet Jesus. Cast away the shroud of sin and clothes me white within. This is how God sees his Son. First born of the chosen ones. Clothed in the love of Him.