1. Prayer

From the recordings 10/5x5 and Prayer

'Prayer' was written by Paul Moment, and Performed here by Brian Dixen (vocals and Guitar), Liz Kirkman (Guitar), Tim Ross (Electric Guitar and Bass), and Eli Kirkman (Drums).  Paul's song was written during his tenure at Mar's Hill.  Liz was partial to the song, and obtained Paul's permission to perform it.  Originally we had her singing it, but switched to Brian as the vocalist.  Brian had a bad cold at the time which lent a kind of quietness to his voice in the first part of the song, but he had to be goaded a little into attacking the more aggressive part of the vocal latter in the song.   The song was recorded and produced by Tim Ross. The copyright on the song itself is Paul Moment's.  All rights are reserved. 


From the blindness of my eyes. From the formulas and thoughts that chain my mind. From the arrogance of pride. From the faithlessness and fear that drains me dry.
From the cruelty of my tongue. From the appetites that leave my life undone. From indifference of the heart. From my selfishness that tears all trust apart. Save my soul. Save my soul.

From abuses of our power. From injustice and the systems that devour. From suspicion and control. From the burden of conforming to the strong. Save our soul. Save my soul. Save our soul.

From all bitterness and lies. From the greed and glory that we idolize. From intolerance and hate. From the burdens and the boundaries we create. Save our soul. Save our souls. Save our soul. Save our soul. Save our soul. Save our souls. Save our souls.